Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Don't do small actions behind teachers' backs like sticking your tongue out directing to them, we suggest you to do it, front of them, as it will be less risky. Legend has it that eyes in front are less active as the ones at their butts.

And, biting your thumb at them can be quite dangerous and dumb, really, please spit at their soles instead.

Yet, don't take teachers for fools and idoits, although some of them really are. A word of caution, teachers who are having PMS are not to be messed with, or worse still, menopause. Don't leave it all to chance. Ask.

Some guy teachers who suddenly turn to be another better guy the next day, that means something awkward happened the night before. Opps?

Your bestest friend of all you can trust with the Unknown Orb, Cereal Killer

P.SSSSS: Oh yesss. Did we mention, you're not obliged to trust everything that we say?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Lesson 1

Never give 50 year old teachers any heed,

they bite you right back in the butt

espeically those who use unlicenced butt wipers

The Unknown Orb

Saturday, February 10, 2007

About Us
We have the privilege of making the ultimate day-to-day decisions on "How to deal with Bitchy Teachers" in our acting positions as President (Cereal Killer) and Vice President (The Unknown Orb).
We're relatively young to be doing what we're doing. But if it's any consolation we've thought about nothing but the political, financial and life-cycle management of virtual communities from the time we were born. This website basically teaches you how to stand up on your own when some bitchy teachers comes along the way to make your life a living hell. Especially the fact that we took the road less traveled and arrived a little later, but on our own pure and entertainment views. We're doing it our way.
This is solely for fun only, we do mean to cause any offense out there, unless your really a teacher who bullies students.
From The Unknown Orb and Cereal Killer